Mike HenningThe Henning Family Business Center (HFBC) is an organizational consulting firm and seminar company committed to helping families in business succeed and grow - year after year, generation after generation in the hands of a competent and committed family management . Click here for more information on our Consulting Services page for a list of our exact offerings and then head over to our Nine Step Consultation Process.

Established in 1985, the HFBC focuses on the four plans that make-up our basic model. (Business, Family, Succession & Estate). Mike Henning works to develop strategies that can help prevent and solve problems often found in family firms. HFBC primarily works with businesses who generate annual revenues between $3 million - $500 million. Click here for a list of clients.

In addition to his primary activity of counseling families, Mike is available to speak at family meetings, conventions, conferences and corporate meetings. He has given over 1,600 presentations worldwide. Click here for a complete list of our seminars and programs.

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